Yes, we are a very small team and therefore can safely get orders shipped out to you as normal (though shipping times may be a little longer, as we are using couriers during this time, and we cannot guarantee next day delivery).

Our supply chain is strong and we have a good stock available.

We are shipping orders out to customers in good faith that they are for use either for themselves or for preparing for after lockdown.  We urge all hairdressers to adhere to the current guidelines at this time.

Our studio is closed and we are not taking client appointments until we deem it safe to do so.  

The health and safety of our customers and clients is our highest priority.

We are born of a qualified and experienced hairdresser and hair extension technician/educator.  Meaning that the products we supply are created solely with the end user in mind.  They are nothing less than we use ourselves on our clients. 

Rest assured that all technical queries will be answered honestly and with professional knowledge.  We can also offer you valuable support as a salon or mobile stylist.

We believe in helping to regulate the industry, and provide the highest quality training ONLY to professionals, so that you know a certificate of training with us, means your stylist is qualified and of a professional standard.

Our minimal packaging leaves as little rubbish as possible and is reusable, recyclable or bio-degradable.  Because we want to be as eco friendly as possible.

We are open and honest with our customers and will be completely transparent about our product range, quality and we are more than happy to answer your questions. 

We have a fantastic relationship with our suppliers, making regular visits to them, working together to constantly improve our ranges and keep a consistent high quality of hair.

Being as environmentally friendly as possible is important to us.  Whilst we cannot make all of our packaging biodegradable, we have made the effort to greatly reduce it, making it recyclable where possible and in a lot of cases reusable for minimal waste. Our production facilities overseas, also have solutions in place to treat and prevent chemical waste. For more information see our page 'Environment'.

Yes, if you are already qualified in hair extension application we can offer you a trade account.  This gives you access to the professionals section of the website where you will have access to extra products and trade pricing. Please send proof of qualifications to and we will get back to you.

About the Hair

All of our extensions are made using the highest grade of 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair braid, this is hair cut from a willing donor who has never coloured or chemically treated their hair.  It has the cuticle fully intact and aligned correctly.  The hair is also double drawn, keeping a natural hair ratio.  This makes our hair exceptional for texture matching and blending with your clients' hair.

Revega fully supports the ethical sourcing of hair for its extensions. We have worked closely with our suppliers to ensure that all of our hair is traceable from source to our warehouse.  This involves us making regular visits to the production and development offices to oversee hair collections, working standards and environmental impact.   All hair is given by willing donors from mountainous regions of China, Myanmar and Russia, and proceeds go directly to the donors and back into the local communities.

The collected donor hair goes directly to our production line to be hygienically cleaned, then into a bleach bath to lighten the hair.  This is a slow and gentle process done over a number of days and sometimes weeks, to ensure that the hair quality is maintained.  Once the bleaching process is finished, there will be quality control tests to ensure the hair meets our standards and has not been damaged in any way by the bleaching and cleaning processes.  After this, the hair will be coloured to our shade ring.

The hair we supply is such good quality, you can expect to get over a years repeated wear from the hair when cared for correctly.  

Bulk loose hair is a professional product.  It is a bundle of loose hair ready for professional application using a hot resin applicator.  One of the most technically skilled, customisable and kindest methods of applying bonded hair extensions. This product should only be used by a trained professional.

If a shade is just described with a number, it is a solid shade that relates to your Revega colour ring.

If a number starts with a B, it means that the shade is a 50/50 total blend of the two shades listed.  A blend creates a new shade made of the two colours listed.      

If a shade starts with a P, this means it is a Piano shade, meaning it has a highlighted look using the two shades listed.

Our specially formulated resin is created to provide the best working consistency, whilst creating a strong bond that is easy to remove without damaging the hair.  It is a lot kinder to the hair than pre-bonded extension resin, but just as hard wearing.  Clients also find it much more comfortable, as the bonds roll extremely smooth.

Our hair is available in many colours and also in straight, wavy and curly.  The hair is exceptional quality and can take a colour or perm process.  However, we do not recommend it, as these processes (like with natural hair) will compromise the overall quality and lifespan of the extensions.  Our own range of wavy and curly hair has been curled gently over time to avoid damaging the hair.

The hair cannot be bleached.  We offer a great shade range for custom blending in fusion, so that a perfect colour match can be achieved without the need for colour.  Though semi-permanent colours will work well on our blonde shades.  We highly recommend the use of Olaplex®  if colouring.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the quality of our hair if you perform any chemical processes on it.

Please be aware that like with a salon perm service, the perming process can lighten the hair shade.  Therefore, it is normal to expect some difference in the curly and wavy ranges from our shade ring.  We recommend ordering a few shades to blend, to ensure a good match.  This is an unavoidable outcome of the curling process.

The curls and waves, like a salon perm, will drop slightly over time.  They will last longest if the client allows their hair to air dry, and does not use heated styling tools on the hair.

Yes.  As we are new, we are focusing on the most skilled application, and what we deem to be the most widely used length of hair.  As we grow, we will introduce more shades, lengths, applications and ideas.  We are always open to feedback and requests. 

Right now, if we do not have what you want, we can custom order for you, including making you your own shade colour matched to a sample you send us!

Yes.  The use of a heat protection spray is recommended before the application of any heat on the hair.

Please see our official aftercare guide for information on washing your extensions.  We supply specially formulated shampoos and other products designed to prolong the life of your extensions.  All of our aftercare range is vegan.

Yes, our aftercare products are 100% vegan, made in the UK and are sodium chloride, paraben, SLS and SLES free.

Yes.  We are happy to help you with colour matching.  You can either send us a snippet of hair to: Revega Hair Extensions, City House, Ronsons Way, St Albans, Hertfordhshire. AL4 9PU  or you can email us at with a clear daylight photograph and we will do our best.  Please understand that matching to a photo is not accurate, so whilst we are known for our colour matching abilities, it is always best for you to purchase a colour ring to match yourself.

Subject to any unexpected delays, we have stock on a rolling order, so your shade/length should be back in stock within 2-3 weeks maximum.  If you are in desperate need of a shade, then please email us, as we may be able to special order shades for you.

Yes, we can produce a shade for you.  Additional costs and minimum order quantities will apply for this custom service.  Please email us for more information.

Natural ratio simply means that the hair is collected directly from a donor braid, and then drawn through a hackle to remove the very short hairs.  It is mostly double drawn, but leaves some variances in length to to ensure a perfect texture blend, whilst ensuring it remains nice and thick root to ends. 

Totally double drawn hair looks too unnatural when used for extensions as it does not match the texture of the clients hair.  Natural ratio hair hair gives you a seamless texture blend for the most natural look. 

These ranges are both made from 100% virgin remy hair, ethically sourced and cuticle intact. The only difference is that they are sourced from different suppliers, who each have different practices when it comes to cleaning and colouring the hair. For this reason, although they are both beautiful quality, you may notice a very slight difference between the two. They also run on different shade charts, so we have separated them for this reason also.
Lastly, the Superior range is a custom ordered range, so needs to be ordered in advance. ETA for Superior range orders in 5-7 working days, and ETA for professional range orders is next day.
This is in order to offer you the largest range possible in terms of shades, lengths and application methods without compromising on quality.


Yes, we offer training in various hair extension application methods with our qualified, skilled trainers.  We ask that you are qualified to a minimum of NVQ2 Hairdressing, this is to maintain a skilled application level to protect clients and keep up industry standards.  Email to enquire or follow the links in our education pages.

If you are already qualified in fusion bonding, but would like to join the Revega family, we can offer refresher courses, or you can apply for a certificate without attending a course.  Please send proof of existing qualifications and an example of your work to the email address above.

Hair extensions are a skill, and more complicated than they look to apply.  There are many variables to consider for each client to ensure the health of their natural hair and scalp.  Bad application can lead to scalp conditions and even Traction Alopecia.
It is for these reasons that we only offer training to hairdressing professionals.  If you are interested in pursuing a career in hair extensions, we recommend getting basic hairdressing training first.  Not only will it make you a better stylist, but it will give you a lot more confidence.

Contact & Payment Information

Email is always the fastest way to get a response  - We are a very small team currently, so please email for a faster response.

Yes.  We can offer credit via Klarna, subject to acceptance.  Please see our Klarna page for more information.